Chargebacks, KYC/AML, and Customer Service.

How long does it take to receive my crypto?

This depends on a number of factors, including the fiat onramp and the payment method used, as well as your location.

Generally, card payments are processed almost immediately. However, it’s common for some transactions to take a few hours. Bank transfers can take anywhere between 1 and 3 (business) days. The crypto is released once all fraud and KYC checks have been completed. For first-time transactions, this can take between a few minutes and a few hours, depending on additional verification that may be required. Most subsequent transactions will be processed within about 15 minutes.

  • In cases of heavy network congestion (which can happen with Ethereum), the on-chain transaction might take longer to execute. Bitcoin generally takes up to an hour to arrive.
  • If you paid with a credit card, your money doesn’t leave your account until the crypto is sent. If something goes wrong, the temporary charge placed on your card/account is removed.
  • If you’ve been waiting longer than expected, you can check the status of your transaction with the link sent to you by email (if supported by your chosen onramp). The transaction tracker will tell you if there are any extra steps needed, or if your payment method has been declined for any reason, and the order has failed.
  • It’s common for some transactions to take a few hours in the case of credit cards. When using bank transfers, transactions can take 1-3 days.

Checking the status of a transaction

This depends on the fiat onramp used for the transaction. Onramper cannot help you in determining the status of your transaction as we are only the middleman that connects you to the fiat onramp. We do not have any insight into the status of your transaction.

In any case, you will receive an email from the fiat onramp you used, which contains information on your transaction. This email generally includes a link to check the status of your transaction.

Cancelling a transaction or getting a refund

Once a transaction is initialized, refunds or cancellations are generally not available – although this is up to each individual fiat onramp. Onramper is in no way involved with the transaction between you and the onramp. As such, see the terms of the onramp you transacted with.


As our customer, you never have to deal with any attempted fraud by end-users. All chargebacks and other fraud attempts will be dealt with by the fiat onramps aggregated in Onramper.


KYC/AML procedures are implemented by the fiat onramps that are aggregated within our fiat onramp. As such, to buy cryptocurrencies, users will have to prove their identity to the fiat onramp used for a transaction. The fiat onramp is responsible for implementing appropriate procedures and compliance requirements to allow users to buy cryptocurrencies. Through Onramper, users can easily fill in / upload all info and documents required by the fiat on-ramp. We never store this data ourselves.

Customer Service

We ensure your customer service won’t be bothered with questions for fiat onramps. In case users need help, they can easily get answers to their questions. If Onramper’s FAQ doesn’t suffice, we ensure users can easily reach the support department of the fiat onramp used for a transaction. Some fiat onramps also provide a dashboard so the user can track their transaction. Upon completing a transaction, an email is sent to the user with more info on how to reach support as well.

Onramp information

We support countries globally, with over 170 geographies covered through our on-ramp.

While we aim to ensure users can buy cryptocurrency globally, we only work with fiat onramps that have implemented due diligence procedures, anti-fraud measures and KYC/AML policies. As such, users from a limited amount of ‘high-risk’ countries, such as Iran or North Korea, might not be able to use Onramper.


When you choose a credit card as your payment method, and you place an order with Wyre or Moonpay, that party will put a temporary pre-authorisation on your card that sets aside the correct amount of funds for your transaction. Unlike an actual transaction, a pre-authorisation does not take funds out of your account, it simply puts a hold on those funds until your transaction has been sent for processing.

Pre-authorisations will show up on your statement as “PENDING” and are not an actual charge.

Why do we use pre-authorisations?

A pre-authorisation confirms your payment method is valid and operational, and that there are enough funds to cover the cost of the transaction, while other processes are finished (such as verifying that you are who you say you are).

What happens if the transaction gets rejected after a pre-authorisation has been placed on my card?

If for some reason your transaction fails or is cancelled, the pre-authorisation will be cancelled. Depending on your bank, the pending transaction will just disappear the same day, but in some instances, this can take up to 10 business days.

Rest assured, you will never be charged for failed transactions and funds will never leave your account.

Common reasons for failed orders:

You might have failed the identity check:

Many sellers, such as Moonpay, require you to provide information on who you are, sometimes including an upload of your ID/passport. In case you do not pass this identity verification, your order will fail.

Additionally, your payment itself can fail for various reasons.

If you’ve paid with a credit card, the most common reasons for failed orders are:

  • you used someone else’s credit card or inputted the wrong billing address
  • your issuing bank declined the credit card authorization
  • your bank does not support crypto-acquisitions
  • incorrect billing info

If you’ve paid with a bank transfer, the most common reasons for failed orders are:

  • you’ve sent the transfer from someone else’s bank account
  • you haven’t included the reference number provided to you
  • you have sent an incorrect amount

Did not find what you were looking for?

If the expected transaction time has elapsed and you can’t find what you’re looking for among the FAQ of your onramp (seller), please open a support inquiry with BTCDirect,  Coinify,  IndacoinMoonpayWyre, or Xanpool. If you’ve used Mercuryo, please use the chat bubble on their website here and if you’ve used Utorg, use the chat bubble on their website.