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Get a production key, monetize your users, our referral program, and adding your own token.

Before you can integrate, you will need to fill in the onboarding form that we use for our due diligence. After completing the form we will provide you with your unique API key. If you would like to set a fee, please indicate that you want to set a fee in this form, whereafter you will be routed to an additional from.

How can I get a production key?

Step 1: Generating a test API key - Generate a test API key on the homepage of our website. You can use the test key to test out our widget and get familiar with the customization options. You will receive an email with all relevant information and how to continue further.

Step 2: Getting your production API key - In the previous email, you will get access to our onboarding form that we use for our due diligence. Once you have completed the DD form, our compliance team will go through the provided info. If it’s OK, then they will create a production API key and send the contract over. You will receive this information in your email.

Can I add a fee to monetize my users?

Yes, you can add a commission on top of every transaction. To do so, please fill in our onboarding form, indicating you want to set a fee. When doing so, you’ll be provided with the ability to upload documentation on your company for due diligence purposes. Once completed, we can contract and you’ll earn on every transaction. You’ll also get access to a dashboard through which you can see all transactions done by your users.

Can I set a fee percentage per project? Yes, in such situations, we can set up multiple API keys, each with a different fee added. Note that fees are set in increments of a whole percentage, up to 3.

How do I receive its fees? When you fill in our onboarding form there is an option to note down the address or bank account where you would like to receive your fees.

Is there a dashboard for checking transactions?

Yes, we provide a dashboard at Once a production key is created, a login is provided where the client can see all transactions done across all the onramps.

How can I add my own token to your platform?

We do all the work, provided that the token is tradeable on a (to be) supported DEX. To add your token to our platform we kindly ask you to send an email to


At Onramper we have one ways of integrating our product, which is the widget integration; you can find the steps on how integrate the widget here