How does your transaction routing / onramp selection work?

Onramper has a number of different routing engines that you can switch between. By default, Onramper's routing is based on a large number of factors, such as price (i.e. lowest fee), KYC friction, and expected success rate.

  • Fee-based routing: recommends the onramp with the lowest fees  
  • Success-rate based routing: recommends the onramp with the highest success rate for the specific transaction 
  • Low-KYC routing: gives preference to solutions that do not require users to upload an identity document
  • Device-specific routing: recommends based on device fingerprint 

Our premium clients can choose and tweak how a multitude of routing engines interact with each other, which function to pick the right onramp for each user.

Want to tweak how the routing for your users functions? Talk to your customer success agent to learn about options.