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Partnership program

What is it, how does it work, what can you earn, marketing, and materials.

What is the partnership program?

Onramper is the easiest solution in the market when it comes to fiat on- and offramping. We have already done all the work; 8 major on- and offramps are aggregated into 1 single widget. We cover all agreements ensuring coverage in 180 countries with many fiat- and cryptocurrencies supported. Our technology is easy to integrate and this makes it an interesting platform for value-added partners & resellers. We invite anyone who is active in the Web3 space to sign up for our partnership program and offer an interesting revenue share/referral scheme to all parties that you refer to Onramper.

How does it work?

After you have signed up for our partnership program a representative will reach out to you. We have a very strict KYB process in place to ensure compliance with our onramp partners. For this reason, we do not accept everyone. Once you are approved and the agreement is signed there are two options that you can use to refer leads to Onramper;
  • The partner referral form 
  • A shared sheet/form if you expect large numbers of leads. In this option we expect KYB to be handled partially by you

What can you earn?

Onramper offers a revenue share split of 90/10. You can therefore earn 10% of all Onrampers’ earnings. Depending on the commercial agreement with the lead/client the actual earnings might defer so an exact number is impossible to give. For partners that refer leads/clients that go beyond $2.000.000 in monthly actual transaction volume, a personalised proposal can be discussed.

Do you have options for partner marketing?

We are open to discussing joint marketing activities but limit this to referrals that exceed the $1.000.000 threshold (Monthly Transaction Volume). Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to support everyone.

Do you have partner materials?

Yes, we can share a generic Onramper deck that may be customised to some extent. Additionally, we can share a demo link that you may use to showcase our solution to your clients.