I’ve been waiting for my crypto for a long time, should I be worried?

Although most cryptocurrency usually arrives within 10 to 60 minutes after completing a purchase, there are instances where it may take a little longer to receive. This delay can occur due to factors such as congestion in the blockchain network, the use of slower payment methods like international wire transfers or non-instant ACH, or in rare cases, when the onramp needs to conduct additional KYC checks.

There's no need to be concerned in these situations, as you will always receive your cryptocurrency or receive a refund. However, if you haven't received your crypto 12 hours after submitting your transaction, and you haven't used a wire transfer or received any status updates via email, feel free to reach out for assistance. Alternatively, you can directly contact the support department of the onramp you used. You can find their contact details in the transaction confirmation email that you received. If you can't locate the email, you can find the links to the support departments of onramps here.